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Group therapy is a sacred space where folx can gather and heal in community.  Groups at Onyx Perspective are process oriented allowing a flow and a space for folx to come as they are all while being supported and held. Groups are typically for people of color or black folx specifically.  I believe in order for the group to be sacred/safe folx have to feel safe, understood, and free to be their authentic self, hence POC or Black space.

Groups are closed and the expectation is that individuals make a committment to attend all sessions.  As mentioned before, this is a sacred space and folx depend on one another while learning from one another.  The first two weeks is an opportunity for the group to meet eachother and begin cultivating a group relationship.  Once the group begins no other individuals join, making them closed groups.  Ocassionally I will offer open groups, where folx can join at anytime.

"people need people-- for initial and for continued survival, for socialization, for the pursuit of satisfaction"

Irvin Yalom

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