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About Me

I am a Black Woman, mother, and spouse from Chicago, Illinois residing in Oakland, California.  My passion is supporting folx in their journey of self discovery and healing.


As a therapist I provide a space that is beautiful, safe, and healing for folks who have few said spaces in the world.  I challenge the status quo, -isms, and White Supremacy.  I have spent decades living and surviving in these oppressive systems that were not created for me or my people.  In learning to adapt and "succeed" in these systems that do not appreciate nor nourish my spirit, I have transitioned to unapologetically making space for myself and thriving.  I found that through being unapologetically me, I have no limits to my abilities, dreams, or connections.  While working with clients, I invite them to take the leap of faith in themselves by letting go of socially constructed views of how they should be, or exist, and rather settle into what they desire and what works best for them.  I believe life can be easy and liberating when we step outside of these oppressive and limiting systems.


I encourage clients to live their best lives unapologetically and ruthlessly.  I support clients with addressing trauma, emotional hang-ups, anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome, disrupting generational trauma, as well as celebrating the journey to self-discovery and re-centering.  I support couples in redefining what their relationship or union is and means to them, all while disrupting the patterns of relationships they witnessed.


Since 2017, I have provided a number of specialized therapeutic services to those who identify as BIPOC, Queer, Gender Non Conforming, or Trans dealing with challenging life experiences.  I am experienced with holding space for clients and the intersections of their identity.


I work with individuals, couples, groups, and organizations.  My style is direct, collaborative, conversational and affirming. I use a decolonized, social justice oriented lens and specialties include overcoming trauma, anxiety, depression, and self-esteem.


Brainspotting Level I
Brainspotting Level II
Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy
Narrative Therapy
Somatic Experiencing
Mother Loss 


My Philosophy

My philosophy as a therapist is, my clients have the inherent power to heal themselves. My role as therapist is to accompany clients on their journey to self-discovery. I provide non-pathologizing psychotherapy that is centered on the fullness of your being.  Modalities practiced are liberating and resources that you already possess.  Instead of trying to shift your thoughts I will encourage you to notice what your body and intuition is signaling.  This process is considered bottom up, which aims to get to the root cause in order to acknowledge, release, and heal.  

My Approach

My approach is direct, conversational, ancestrial, relational, cultrally relevant and heartfelt. I utilize an anti-racist lens and acknowledge the harm that systems have wreaked on our psyches and bodies, especially bodies of color. I provide a healing space that is welcoming to all and especially those who hold multiple disenfranchised identities. 


You can expect to feel affirmed and heard.  The therapeutic relationship is the most important foundation to engaging in therapy and I bring intentionality to your sessions.  I also see therapy as a sacred space and moment in time. 

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