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Onyx Perspective Therapy Welcomes You

Do you feel misunderstood and overwhelmed? Is people pleasing or code switching exhausting? Do you feel disconnected from YOU? Are you searching for a space that is safe to be YOU? At Onyx Perspective you are invited to be your authentic self.  

“Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

James Baldwin

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Therapuetic Approach

Anti-Racist Therapeutic Lens

Onyx Perspective is a Black owned private practice supporting clients with culturally relevant mental health services. Stephanie provides a healing space that is welcoming to all and especially those who hold multiple disenfranchised identities. Her style is direct, collaborative, and conversational. She uses a deeply culture-centered lens and specialize in race-based trauma and historical trauma.

With Stephanie you can expect to feel affirmed and understood.  She will not just sit there looking and listening to you.  The therapeutic relationship is the most important foundation to engaging in therapy and she brings intentionality to your sessions. If you are wanting to process and collaborate with a therapy professional, Stephanie is here for you!

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