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An individual therapy session gives clients the opportunity to look into and unpack traumas, stressors, and challenges that they encounter in a nonjudgmental and affirming manner.  My role is to be a supportive thought partner. Setting therapeutic goals and achieving them is not a linear process; we flow into them as we progress.  Clients often begin therapy for one reason and end up unraveling and resolving several other issues while in therapy.  Do not fret, however, we accomplish the goals we set as well! Often, my clients are delighted with their healing journey.  In the course of individual therapy, I love praising and acknowledging a client's growth.

In individual therapy you are the focus and priority! I will challenge you to center on yourself, be gracious to yourself and to listen to yourself...your intuition not necessarily your thoughts.  Many of the folx I work with are the caregiver/sacrificer in their family system or friend group.  They may also be people pleasers and let me tell you, that gets tiring!  I challenge my clients to really see themselves and become the carer for themselves, I recognize this is challenging and I know from experience it is the way to liberation. You will hear me challenge you to fill your cup up before pouring into others' cup.  I believe in order to enhance your love for self, compassion for self, and care for self you must center on yourself...this is the way to filling your cup up and being able to have something to offer those you care about.

"In order to enhance your love for self, compassion for self, and care for self you must center on yourself"

Stephanie McWoods

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