This workshop is for people who are discovering themselves and learning new ways to exist in the world. This is also for folks ready to truly see themselves.


Through intention, application, and reflection you will Selfishly Emerge Empowered to dream, manifest, and enjoy life. The goal is to emerge certain, healed, loved, and unapologetically you! 

In this workshop we will be...

Deconstructing the meaning of selfish

Centering on Self Love and Self Care is necessary for a life of joy and fulfillment and turns out in order to achieve this it requires being selfish.  We will find ways to replenish our cup thus enabling us to continue pouring into those around us.

Releasing insecure energy 

Exploring and releasing the insecurities that are living rent free in our minds and bodies.  Insecurity drains our confidence and produces self-doubt and anxiousness.

Building boundaries that are healthy 

Boundaries are an essential part of establishing our own identity.  The thought of building healthy boundaries can feel daunting yet enforcing healthy boundaries is liberating.

Recognizing the stability within us

For generations we have been conditioned to rely on the things around us to offer us stability and comfort.  We will challenge and begin to recognize the stability within us.

Acknowledging our power

You have POWER! Words have POWER! We will reflect on how we are using our power.  We will set intentions with our power.

This workshop offers expansion, reflection, and community.  During the six weeks you will learn and apply techniques to address your confidence, desires, and energetic protection.  If you are feeling stuck, stifled, or energetically drained, this workshop is for you.


This workshop is therapeutic; however, does not replace therapy!

6 Week Workshop

Beginning 10.20.21

Wednesdays I  6pm PST  I  Zoom


Intimate class size 10 participants

1.5 hr

$75 / session

Facilitated by Stephanie McWoods, LCSW

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Thanks for submitting! Stephanie will send you an invoice to confirm your spot in the workshop.

Join the Workshop to Rediscover You!

This workshop will be a BIPOC, LGBTQIA, trans/gnc/non-binary affirming space and intolerance of identities will not be allowed.