Image by Mustafa Omar

COVID-19 Response

Due to the Global Pandemic and the ever changing Shelter in Place orders of California and Alameda County, virtual sessions remain an option.

Onyx Perspective acknowledge that therapy is a immersive experience and differs for every indiviudal.  For those interested in in-person sessions we will begin offering in-person sessions in January 2021 pending no drastic changes to Alameda County's Shelter in Place orders.  Due to the office space, in-person visits are only offered to individuals.  During these sessions you are required to wear your facemask.

Guidelines for In-Person Sessions

If you are feeling sick at all or have cared for anyone who has been sick, I ask that you take seriously any symptoms of illness you might be experiencing and stay home. Please feel free to contact me to arrange for a virtual session instead of in-person.

The use of hand sanitizer is required as you walk in.  The office is equipped with a sink if you are interested in washing your hands with soap and water.

Wearing a face mask properly to cover your nose and mouth is required during the duration of our session.

The office is equipped with sanitizer, so that commonly touched areas such as door knobs and tables can be wiped down at the end of every session.  In addition during our session an air purifier will be on to add an additional layer of protection for you and I. 

If I am feeling sick, test positive for COVID, or have been exposed to anyone who has tested positive, felt sick, or been exposed to COVID-19, you will be notified and our session will be virtual depending on the particulars. 

Rest assured that Onyx Perspective Therapy is taking the pandemic serious and recognize that BIPOC folks are dispportionately affected and I will not take any chances exposing you or myself to this wretched virus.